Ananthana Gantu Rangoli - Reader Request

One of my blog reader asked for a specific rangoli called "Ananthana Gantu" which is drawn on Ananthachaturdashi/Ananthapadmanabha Vrata. At first I sought the help of ikolam and later went to my mother-in-law. Though my MIL explained me the rangoli, I could not reproduce it on paper. ikolam came to the rescue! One of their Rangoli experts posted it. You can view it here. One has to log-in to view it, however registering with them is very beneficial. They have a treasure cove of rangolis and its experts!
My husband was very kind to draw this for me in his leisure time. So, Vikram avare..nimagagi ee rangoli namma maneyavara kadeinda..
The dots are from 15-15 15 accross and 15 down. The rest of it I think you can look at it and draw yourself .
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