Godhi Huggi/Chanadal and Broken Wheat Payasam

On one of our visits to Shri Kshetra Horanadu, abode of  godess Annapoorneshwari, we were served with this delicious payasam. There is a divine taste in temple prasadams. For those who do not know more about this temple, you can visit their web page here

On one of the Navaratri days I prepared this for prasadam. Chanadal is not added in broken wheat payasam made at home. I was hooked to the taste of this combination eversince I ate this in Horanadu, so I decided to try it at home. It was delicious.

You need the following :
Broken Wheat - 1 cup (1cup=100ml)
Chanadal - 2tbsp
Powdered Jaggery - 3/4 cup (if you want a less sweet version) or 1 cup for a sweeter version
Milk- 4 cups
Coconut Milk -4tbsp (I used UHT coconut milk. UHT milk can be stored in refrigerator for long time)
Cardamom powdered -1/2 tsp (optional)
Dried fruits n nuts fried in ghee for garnishing

Method :
1.Soak Chanadal in water for about 1/2 hr-1hr
2.Fry Broken Wheat with little ghee till wheat becomes reddish brown and nice aroma emanates.
3.Rinse the wheat with water and add 4 cups of milk and chanadal.
4.Pressure cook for 4-5 whistles. When the pressure comes down, remove the vessel and let keep it outside.
5.Add powdered jaggery, ghee and allow it to boil.
6.Wheat soaks lots of water, so if additional cup of milk is needed add it.
7.When it starts boiling, reduce the flame and add 4tbsp of coconut milk and continue to boil for another 3-4 mins.
8. Switch off the stove add cardamom powder and mix.
9. Serve Hot with ghee. I have used 3tbsp of ghee for payasam making.

Serving Suggestion :
Chilled Version : It is my suggestion to chill the payasam for atleast 5 hrs and serve cold.
Hot Version : Keep the payasam covered for 5hrs. Reheat it. If additional milk/water is required to dilute payasam you may add it. Serve hot.

When it is left aside for 5-6 hrs the taste of this payasam is better compared to freshly prepared payasam. This is my own experiance and suggestion.


Unknown said...

hey lakshmi you are tempting me a lot to day is my weekly fasting day and this payasam looks awesome yeh i visit horanadu long back very very nice place to visit

Indian Khana said...

Payasam looks yum...with gud handy tips...nice one

ST said...

Godhi Huggi looks divine ...

Shreya said...

looks grt! never knew the combo..

Uma said...

paysasam looks yummy...

Cham said...

Thanks for the link, I will try on my next trip to visit this temple.
New tasty payasam, never tasted one like this!

Kannada Cuisine said...

Lovely huggi!
Reminds me of all the yummy food they serve at Hornadu..Lets see if i can make it the next time i go home!!!

Savi-Ruchi said...

nenapu madbedi idella, hogbeku annisutte ;)
nice recipe, naanu madthene, but kadale bele hakalla, will try with channa dal next time :)

Anonymous said...

Hii Lakshmi...
I tried out this payasa and it turned out really yumm..........
Thank you very much for sharing this recipe...