Mixed Fruit Sajjige / Soji Halwa with fruits

A very Happy Durgashtami to you all...

Sajjige is a 'colorless form' of Kesaribath/RavaKesari . It is a popular offering/prasad/neivedya item found during Satyanaraya Pooje in Karnataka side. You can make it on any occassion as prasadam and I made this for Navaratri.

I don't mind saying that I dislike the 'ORANGE COLOR' of Kesaribath. Be it deep yellow color of Lemon Rice or Deep Orange Color of Kesari, I have developed a kind of rejection. I add very less color whenever I have to add to these dishes or totally avoid them. Fruits were all around the house, so I thought of using few of them by adding them to make Sajjige.

I was telling a friend of mine about my "dislike" for orange color of Kesari..very seriously she replied "I think people take "Kesari" of Kesaribath very seriously that they add more color to make it look like Kesaribath". We both lol ' ed on that joke for whole day.. just thot of sharing this with you all..

How to make :

The procedure is very similar to Kesaribath plus fruits and minus color. You can find kesaribath recipe on TasteofMysore here
Fruits I have used : Banana and Apple.
Check the sweetness of apples before you add them. If they are sour please do not add them.

Rava: 1 cup ((roasted till it is golden brown with half a tsp of ghee)
Milk : 2cups (1 cup extra if you are using chiroti rava)
Fruits: Banana & Apple chopped into 1/2" pieces

Bring Milk to boil. Add fruits when milk starts boiling, let them become soft then reduce the flame and start adding roasted semolina. Once semolina is added add sugar and mix thorougly. Once sugar is dissolved swith off the stove and garnish with fried nuts. Serve hot.

The color of Kesari is imparted by fruits added to it. Food Color is not used.

This is my contribution to Navaratri Festive Food event hosted by me. Do not forget to send in your entries to me by 11 Oct 2008. Come back to check out Dasara celebrations on Taste of Mysore.
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