Tea Masala/ Fragrant Spice Mix for Milk Tea

I am a coffee person but I just cannot resist Masala Chai. At times when I feel like sipping in some tea I use this fragrant spice mix for making tea. The aroma is just irresistable. I have made many versions of spice mix for tea but I got hooked to this spice mix. The difference was rendered by Fennel! This cup of desi chai goes to Ivy of Kopiaste who is hosting 'Think Spice-Fennel and Mastic Gum'

I usually make small quantities of this mix and I am listing down the ingredients, so please use your judgement while making it.

The ingredients of the spice mix and their medicinal properties as referenced via internet search:
Please note that these uses may or may not be approved by FDA. Most of these uses were found listed in traditional medicine web pages. The dosage at which these medicinal properties are seen are also not listed here.

Cardamom : 1.sweetens breath 2. aids digestion 3. reduces mucus inducing properties of milk when added to it
Clove : antibacterial, used in the treatment of cold. 2. freshens breath 3. Effective stimulant of lungs (used in ayurveda)
Cinnamon : 1. helps in weight loss 2.aids digestion
Dry Ginger Powder/Ginger : known for its heating, cleansing, toning and stimulative properties in Ayurvedic medicine. Very effective in reducing phlegm and also relieves respiratory ailments. A good tonic for abdominal discomfort.
Fennel : used as a mouth freshner in traditional medicines, aids digestion, eases associated symptoms of menopause, increases low milk supply in breast feeding mothers.

I mix them in the following manner :
Cinnamon : 1 tsp
Cloves : 8 - 10
Cardamom pods :5
Dry ginger powder : 2 tbsp
Fennel : 3/4 tbsp
I powder all of them and store it in a airtight container. It is advised to preserve spices in airtight container to retain their aroma.

To make milk Tea/Chai
Milk : 1/2 cup
Water : 1/2 cup
Tea powder : 3 tsp (I used 'Booke Bond Red label' brand )
Tea masala/spice mix : 0.5 or half tsp
Bring water to boil add sugar and tea leaves and boil for 2 mins. Add tea masala and let it simmer for next 30 seconds. Pour half glass of milk and continue to boil till you get good color :). Filter it and pull the tea between two cups to get frothing tea. Do the last step with caution. If you are not 'used to' this please do not attempt it.

we enjoyed our masala chai with home made mini khara buns. Khara means spicy. These buns were also flavored with fennel which will be blogged at TasteofMysore.


The fennel flavored tea is participating Think Spice event and the fennel flower is going to Dibs of ChitraAmma's Kitchen who is celebrating her blog birthday with Kitchen Masterpiece Event

Sip in fragrant hot masala chai and enjoi!


notyet100 said...

lovely post everythin lookin goodm,..specially khara bun,..


masala chai is an irresistible one :-) . We are not big tea drinkers ..but whenever we have tea we have the masala tea only :)

sowmya's creative saga said...

sounds good..i will also prepare the powder and keep for special occasions..

Madhu said...

I am coffee person too, never liked tea..But I make good masala tea.
I add pepper corns just 2, to give some spiceness, fennel will be intersting addition to chai, will experiment with fennel..

Priya said...

Wow thats good, love the spices u have added to prepare the masala...prefect for cold weather..

Poonam said...

Refreshing one indeed..first time here...

Ivy said...

How interesting. I am definitely trying this.

Dibs said...

soooo yummy! I have never thought of adding fennel for chai! Thanks for your franant floral entry for the Kitchen Masterpiece Event!