Pakodas and Shavige Payasa

Festival or a party, or any occasion to celebrate and where 'eating' is a focus, pakodas and payasam are easiest and tastiest things to have on your buffet table. It was Akash's b'day last week and pakodas took a place on the party table, while Shavige Payasa/Semiya payasam was made for a dear friend who re-located to India recently. Here you go with both the recipes :

Onion Pakoda :
You can find rava pakoda recipe on TOM here (click on here). Few more modifications to rava pakoda recipe and it resulted in tasty onion pakoda.

Ingredients :
Onions : 4 big (chopped length wise)
Chiroti Rava/Fine Semolina - 1 cup (1cup=100ml)
Maida - 2tbsp
Rice Flour-2tbsp
Red Chilli Powder -2 tbsp
Curry leaves from 4 lines

1.Mix Onions, rava, maida, redchilli powder, salt and curry leaves and leave it aside for 4 hrs.This is just a dry mixture and the water given out by onions gets into the flour to make the whole mixture moist. ( I mixed all these ingredients at 8 in the morning before I left for my office and I fried pakodas at 3PM. If you leave it for more time you don't have to worry.)
2.Before you start frying, add rice flour and corn flour to the mixture and mix.
3.Scoop out little dough to a big cup, add water and mix to make pakoda batter.
4.Rub the flour between your fingers when you add the pakoda batter into hot oil. This action will keep pakodas thin, as thin as having a strand of onion with little batter sticking to it.
5.Fry them in hot oil till they are golden brown. Repeat the same procedure of scopping and frying till you finish all batter.

Tip for heating oil (for deep frying) :
Heat oil on medium flame. When it is hot (not smoky), reduce the flame to sim or less than that and continue to heat the oil for next 5 mins.
When you want to fry, brig back the flame to medium, add the ingredients to hot oil and reduce the flame to sim and fry on a low flame.
Allow a gap of 3-4 mins between the batches.
Frying this way will yield crispy pakodas.

Shavige Payasa/Semiya Payasam/Vermicilli Payasam
This delicious Payasa needs no introduction to you all .....

Roasted Vermicilli - 1 Cup (1cup holds about 100 ml of water)
Milk - 4 cups (keep 1/2 cup extra milk for soaking the badam powder etc)
Mixed Fruits and Nuts - 2tbsp (raisins, cashewnuts)
Badam Powder/Mixed Dried Nuts Powder - 2tbsp (For recipe of the powder click on it)
Sugar -3/4 cup for mildly sweet payasa 1 cup for sweeter version
Ghee -1tsp
1.Soak Mixed Dried Nuts Powder in 1/cup of warm water. Mix well so that lumps don't remain in the mixture.
2.Fry fruits and nuts in 1tsp of ghee, keep it aside
3.Cook 1 cup of roasted vermicilli in 2 cups of milk. When Vermicilli is half cooked, add Badam Powder soaked in milk to the half cooked vermicilli mixture and cook till it is done.
4.Add sugar and remaining milk and adjust the consistency of the Payasam. Bring it to boil. Let the sugar dissolve. Check for sweetness. If any additional sugar is required you can add.
5.Remove from the stove, garnish with fried nuts and Serve hot.

For Chilled Payasa
Remove from the stove, garnish with fried nuts and let it cool. Once the mixture is in room temparature, refrigerate and serve cold.

Priti, Sireesha, Sowmya and Pavani for Awards and Tags. Bloggers you all make my day with your lovely coments. I would love to pass this beautiful butterfly to Dibs (Chitra Ammas Kitchen), Smita (Kannada Cuisine), Sushma (Savi-Ruchi), Rak's (Rak's Kitchen), Veda (Iyengar's Kitchen), Rekha (Plantain Leaf), Ramya (Ramya Cooks), Vidhya of My Recipes, EC of Simple Indian Food, Deesha of Vegetable Platter, Shreya of Mom's Cooking.

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Unknown said...

Pakoda looks yummy LG...differnt with corn flour...and semiya payasam is also tempting

Indian Khana said...

Pakodas looks nice...and diff..Shavige is looking delicious and thats cool entry for all the events....nice one..

Uma said...

mmm. pakodas and payasam are mouthwatering Lakshmi! delicious.

Pavani said...

pakoda looks yummy,it nice to have on a rainy our place it raining since 2days u have reminded me to do this...thx u

Unknown said...

ooooh what a combo yummmy wow u used corn flour in pakodas nice try will try next time payasam looks mouth watering thanks a lot for the award dear

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wow... pakodas and payasam are mouthwatering Lakshmi! delicious.
thxs for sharing dear..

Raks said...

Looks crisp and both i like to have now!Thankyou for sharing the award with me:)I feel very happy:)

Uma said...

Pakoda and Semiya Payasam is my favorite missing it :( looks yummy...its mouthwatering delicious is not the word

ST said...

Pakodas and Payasam look mouth-drooling and tempting Lakshmi:)

Deepthi Shankar said...

pakodas look soo yummy .. nange swapla kalastira? very tempting .. pasaya is yum too

Finla said...

I will have the pakodas first and then the payasom.

Cham said...

When it is snack the first thing ran on my mind pakoda :) Good one LK with shavige payas

Savi-Ruchi said...

pakoda thinno aase agtha ide,
thanks for the award :)

PG CakeCraft said...

hi, pakoda and semiya payasam a great combo. one savory & crispy, another sweet & creamy. wow! i'm drooling as i'm typing.

Vidhya said...

Thanks LG for the award. I am very much honored.

Deepthi Shankar said...

Hey thanks for thnkng of me n passing the award to me ... congrtas to you too

Unknown said...

i liked the recipe for both pakodas and especially the payasa..will try your way next time i make it..

Kannada Cuisine said...

Yippie!!! Thanks a lot for the award Lakshmi!! pakoda jotege award kuda kottidira! thank you so much!!!

AnuSriram said...

Thats delicious.. Pakoda looks very crisp..

Adlak's tiny world said...

First time in yr blog and happy to intro me as a Sai Devotee especially on this thursday lakshmi.
yr payasam and pakoda are so perfect combo. planning to make as this wk sai pooja prasadam dear.

Dibs said...

Hey Thanks for the award! These pakodas look nice and crisp!

Srivalli said...

Lovely dishes..thanks for the entries LG

R said...

Hi LG,
Please collect the award at my blog. U deserve it!


EC said...

Additiion of rava to the pakodas would have made it much more crispier..thanks for the lovely entries

shwetha said...

hi ,
i dint get the line the 3 "scooping of little batter and adding water.........."

can u please explain that.

after mixing the dry igredients, do we have to add more water to it ......or just scoop of little batter and add water to it.
it would have been better if u had shown pic on that.
please expalin!

Lakshmi said...


Take little dry batter at a time in a separate bowl, mix with water and then fry pakodas. I had made a very large batch last time for a party so I had suggested scooping little batter to another bowl to mix with water. If you have a small batch, you can mix little batter at a time in the same bowl(on one corner of the bowl) and fry pakodas. Hope this clarifies.