Chutneys- Carrot, Beet and Brinjal

Three colorful chutneys for your all. Carrot, Beet and Brinjal. Carrot Chutney is a learning outcome of blogging while two others were regularly made by my mom.

Carrot Chutney

You need :
Carrot : 1 big or 4 little ones (Indian) or 7 lilliput carrots
Peanuts : 2 tbsp
RedChillies : 4 (adjust accordingly)
Tamarind : 1" piece
Coriander : 2 strands

1. Chop carrots and cook it with enough water. Scoop carrots and take it in the blender. Reserve the water
2. Roast peanuts and red chillies
3. Take rest of the ingredients in blender and blend it to smooth paste along with carrots
4. If you want more water add reserved water and blend.
5. Scoop the chutney to a bowl and season with oil, mustard, redchillies and curry leaves.
6. Serve with your favorite main course.



Beetroot Chutney is joining Sunshinemom's Purple Color in Food



rekhas kitchen said...

yum yum what a mouth watering chutneys lakshmi so colour full

sowmya said...

love brinjal chutney the most...looks colorful..nice entry..

Vij said...

Nice entry! chutney looks so lovely.

SriLekha said...

very new recipe for me and it looks so good
join in the sweet event going in my blog

Ivy said...

Such colourful chutneys. They all look so lovely.

Happy cook said...

Love all the chutney, but my favourite is that carrot one.

DEESHA said...

delicious .. carrot chutney is new to me

Cham said...

Wow the beet rice is very catchy Lk. Got a great purple beauty! Chutney are always.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is so nice. Each chutney is a unique creation. YUM! Nice presentation.

Sunshinemom said...

I just Divya's carrot chutney and now yours:). You girls make me feel a little incomeplete in the chutney deptt. Must try out one now. Thanks for yummy beet chutney too:)

Divya Vikram said...

Lovely recipe..Healthy chutney.Colorfultoo..

Smitha said...

Corrot chutney super ri!!
There is a surprise for you on my blog!!!

Red Chillies said...

When I read the title I thought is she serious? Nimma recipe oodi nambike aaithu. Beautiful recies and all are a keeper!

Madhu said...

All chutneys looks so yummy, I have lots of carrots nice recipe to use them.
y'day i too have posted, zuccinini chutney, check it out.