Fried Idlis ~ Left Over Solutions

Fried Idlis

I have seen people (non-Indian) trying to read Indian menu card and finding it difficult to understand certain items like :

Dal Fry - Why is it Dal Fry why not Fried Dal ?

I was with a colleague trying to teach her how-to-read Indian menu card and I fainted after a while!
After my failed attempt to explain 'Dal Fry' logic, I changed my mind about my next title of my blog post. I had named it 'Idly Fry' before and after this incident I changed it to Fried Idlies....poor friends who are reading my posts should not get confused again!

Few Pre-Notes before I proceed :

1. Thanks to Pratibha, Jeyashree and Raks Kitchen for their awesome posts with varied versions of this recipe. I spent a while reading all their recipes and came out with my own which best suited my familys' taste.

2. You can deep fry idlis for a more sinful taste. I chose to stiry fry. Pratibha says, you can bake them too..I did not try that though.

3. Idli Powder- I have tried many versions. Do not hesitate to alter the ingredients if you think that is how it makes you feel good.

4. For the final seasoning, using Gingely oil makes all differnce. You can use sunflower oil too.

Idli Podi/ Idli Chutney Powder/Milaga Podi

Kadalebele - 2 Tbsp (other names - deskinned split chickpeas, Chanadal)
Uddinbele - 3 Tbsp (other names- deskinned split black lentil, Uriddal)
Sesame Seeds - 1tsp (White sesame seeds)
Hingu - 1 big pinch (Asafoetida, Hing)
RedChillies - 5 (Mix of Spicy and non spicy varieties)
Salt - 1tsp

Method :
Fry all ingredients separately with a drop of oil and blend them to a coarse powder. This is ready for the next step.
I prefer sprinkling hing on hot lentils just out of pan rather than frying it.

How to make Fried Idlis:
Step 1
1. Cut left over idlis into desired shape. I had them cut into wedges.
2. In a non-stick pan, heat about 3-4tbsp oil and fry Idlis till their outer skin is brown.
3. Switch off the stove and Scop these idlis on a plate.

Step 2

Oil, Jeera, Idli Podi,  Salt

Optional Ingredients :
1. Chopped Onions
2. Green Chillies
3. Curry Leaves

1. Heat a pan, add a tbsp of oil. Add jeera and fry for a second. Add in onions, chilles and currry leaves and fry if you are using them.
2. Add idli podi and mix with the onions. Throw in fried idlis and salt and toss them well.
3. Continue to mix and toss till all idlis are coated with the powder. Switch off the stove and let
the idlis sit in warm pan for 5 mins before you serve them.
4. Enjoy fried idlis. These idlis were super spicy because of the number of chillies I used but
they were very tasty. We did not use any accompaniment to eat it with.


Seunghyun said...

This makes me so hungry. it looks really yummy.

Seunghyun said...

this makes me so hungry. It looks really yummy.

Vani said...

Simple and yum

Priya Suresh said...

I do finish my leftove idlis this way, my kids just love it.

Chitra said...

wow, u made me drool.. anything with idli tastes great for me..this must be yumm

Kannada Cuisine said...

Looks yummy!

Vidhya said...

looks perfect. This is my favorite too.

Unknown said...

Yummy Idli fry or fried idli :-), funny anecdote trying to explain the menu to others. looks yummy.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

i do the same...nice...