Apple, Orange and Starfruit Juice

Juice drinking in combination is what I learned during my stay in Singapore. People here drink them in different combination for various adding celery to the juice reduces cholesterol, adding star fruit provides loads of VitaminC, Apple and Orange keeps your skin young, Carrot and Apple boosts energy, etc etc  the information was overwhelming but interesting! Different people have different versions, so I found few pages which may actually help you know the benefits of drinking juice you can read them here, and here Do not keep these combination juices refrigerated, make them fresh and drink it..this is what I learned from my fellow colleagues and why not?... drinking fresh juice always has more benefit than drinking stored ones.

You need :

Apple : 1 (wahed, deseeded and chopped)

Orange: 2 (peeled and chopped)

Starfruit: 1(ripe starfruit which is orange in color, wash, deseed and chop)

Blend everything in a juicer, if you feel that it is too sour you can add 3tsp of sugar to make it drinkable. No filtration required. Just drink it! :)


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