Drumstick Leaves Chutney Powder and Kitchen Connect

4pm-630pm at Vivo City, two weeks back we had funfilled time. From eating to blogging..everything was on agenda....I am looking forward to next meet. Vani's surprise ingredient for me was drumstick leaves..I made Palya& rasam and with the remaining leaves I made chutney powder.


The procedure was similar to Chutney Powder recipe I have here. I have replaced curry leaves with drumstick leaves. Use only 1tbsp of drumstick leaves for the measures mentioned in the recipe.

Few other goodies I got from Vani..

A lovely card which had handmade flowers by Vani


Handmade key chain from Korea


She gave me a doll too..which I forgot to take picture..and two choclate packs which were sooooo good that my son finished it off in half an hour ....phew...

I tried making murukku from her blog and it turned out very good. Thanks Vani for the recipe..

Mrukku Art for you all... :)



Many thanks for Sukanya, Priyanka, and Sheetal for BFF gold card award. I will Cherish your friendship forever..

To Rest of the Singapore Bloggers:

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notyet100 said...

happy frenship day,..both chutney powder,..and murukku looks delicious,..lovely click of murukku,..:-)


Happy friendship day !! Love the murukku art .... we make saag with drumstick leaves ..this powder is new for me

Illatharasi said...

Great!!! Good memories:)

Love that chutney powder.... want to have it with rice now ;)

I like that murukku art ;)

sowmya's creative saga said...

nice use of the ingreient..want to try the curry powder..was looking for a recipe..did not was in your blog

Sukanya said...

The recipe for the chutney powder is new to me and the murukku looks crispy and yummy. The best thing i liked was your attempt to make art with the Murukku....too good man lakshmi.