Chigali Undi/Unde; Black Sesame Laddu

We hindus celebrate Nagpanchami to pay respect to Nagas/Snakes. We offer milk and other offerings to Nagdevatas/Snake gods. We either worship the statue of Snake or offer milk to snake pits. One such offering which is made by most of us in Karnataka is Chigali Undi /Unde. It is a laddu made of black sesame seeds and jaggery. A simply simple preparation which is tasty. When laddu is made for offering, sesame seeds are not roasted. We make a separate batch of laddu's for casual eating where sesame is roasted. Here is how we make chigali undi/unde.

You need the following :
Black Sesame seeds : 1 cup (sesame seeds are cleaned and made free from dust)
Jaggery : 1/2 cup (grated)
Sprinkle little water over black sesame seeds and pan roast them. Sprinkling water avoids jumping (yes you read it right) up of sesame seeds from pan; Mix sesame seeds and jaggery and pulse it in a blender till sesame seeds are powdered and gets blended with jaggery. Remove from blender and make them into laddus. No ghee/oil needed to make these laddus. Enjoy them!

Edited to Add: If you feel that making laddus is not possible with the powder, just sprinkle little milk and then make laddus.

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