SWC-Karnataka Round UP 2 - Republished for TOM

Trust you all enjoyed a good meal in round up part 1. Let me take you all through a jolly ride of Karnataka with delicious breakfast. The journey may take bit too long so we will stop by at Chikkamagaluru to sip a cup of freshly brewed coffee from Cham with some crispy quick Kodubales from Anuradha

Do you know : Chikkamagaluru (younger daughters city) is where coffee was first cultivated in India.

Do feel free to enjoy crispy lacy Rave Dose and Chutney from Taste of Mysore. Do sip in a cup of coffee here to get a caffeine boost to enjoy rest of the culinary and cultural journey..

Sir M.Visweshwarayya, who was diwan of Mysore, who built Krishnaraja sagar dam, an eminent, honest, punctual,...Engineer was rightly called "father of modern Mysore". Every year 15th of September is celebrated as "Engineers Day" in India in his memory. Read his contributions to India here and here. Kingdom of Mysore is proud to have a Bharat Ratna like him.

Ragi ragi in the form of porridge, make it a spongy ball (ragi mudde),  make malted drink, anything tastes equally good. Veda sends her crispy pudina flavored ragi dose to our feast!

The Kingdom of Mysore was one of the 3 largest princely states within the erstwhile British Empire of India. It was re-named as Karnataka in the year 1973. 

Enjoy Lubna Karim's Masala Dosa. Lubna rightly says a genrous helping of butter on these crispy crepes served with coconut chutney and sambar is difficult to deny anywhere anytime. Mysore masala dosa adds additional zing with red chutney (redchillies+garlic chutney) spread on dosa. Don't forget to taste benne (butter) masale dose in your nearest outlet. White butter on hot dosa is a treat to your taste buds :-) We have Davangere Benne Masale outlets which serve only butted masala dosas..

Shravanabelagola which has a huge Bahubali statue is one of the important Jain pilgrimage centers. It is considard as one of the tallest monolithic stone statues in the world. Do watch this Video of Mahamasthakabhisheka. Shravanabelagola is in the Hassan district.
Thatte idlis are very popular among the people of  Hassan & Tumkur. Soft and tasty plate idlis are served with hot red chutney made of redchillies and coconut. Dibs share a similar memory that I have with this particular hotel on Tumkur highway. If my mama (maternal uncle) drove us from Bangalore to Chitradurga he made sure that we ate at this particular hotel. Enjoy the  lovely thatte idlis with  uddina vade and sambar  from Taste of Mysore.
Karnataka weddings are incomplete without Chiroti Badami Haalu. Tee of Bhaatukli made these yummy flaky pastries for RCI-K. Chiroti rava which is the key ingredient of Chiroti is used for making may other dishes too and one such dish is Rotti! Dunk them in spicy n tangy tomato gojju and your early morning breakfast is taken care of :-) Rave Rotti with Onion Tomato Gojju for you all from Taste of Mysore
Mangaluru is a chief port city of Karnataka. It handles 75% of India's coffeee exports and the bulk of nation's cashew exports. Many classical dance forms and folk arts are practised in this city. Yakshagana, Hulivesha, Karadivesha are few popular dance forms and folk arts. The cuisine boasts one of the bestest fish dishes of its style. Dali-thoy, upkari, neer-dose, patrode, paagilla podi, sanna khoto are few of the authentic dishes from this part of Karnataka. 
Mangala, a non-blogger& a member of SWC has contributed her recipe of Sanna Khoto, Dali-thoy and Paagilla Podi for SWC-K. Do take a peek into her recipes here. Sincere apologies for not posting the pictures. I will publish them once I am able to download them.
Geeta of Fragrant Kitchen has sent us Neer Dose. To visit her to make lacy thin crepes for your breakfast.

Priyanka sends Mangalooru style Gobhi Gashi, Chicken Curry and Chicken Sukka
Malenadu covers the western ghats or Sahyadri mountain range. The cuisine here is a cocktail of Mangalooru and Kodava Cuisine because of its geographic placement. Taro leaf dishes are very popular among these people and you must taste it to believe it. Do visit famous Jogfalls virtually and you will know how beautiful Malenadu is.. :-)
Sheetal of My-Kitchen brings us Patrodo from this part of Karnataka.
The Western Ghats is an area of great biodiversity. and is one of the Conservations International's hotspot for biodiveristy. Bhadra Wid Life Santuary in Muthodi is one the India's Project Tiger Santuaries.
Cauvery is our mother! She gives water to the thirsty lands of karnataka and keeps our rice bowl full. Dance with Kodavas and bow to mother cauvery (picture below- Talakaveri, birth place of the river Cauvery)  in this scotland dubbed land of India, yes it is Coorg!
There we have Dill Leaves and Rice Rawa Kadubu from the land of Coorg from Sowmya Tripurant..

Moving up north we have architecuturally rich and culturally rich land. Belur and Halebidu represent architectural hallmarks of Hoysalas. Hampi tells you the story of great Vijayanagara Empire. Aihole, Badami and Pattadakallu are the historical evidences for Chalukyan architecture.
Belgaum, Bijapur, Gulbarga, ... states of Karnataka is a basin of Millet. Groundnut is also abundantly grown along with Sugarcane. Cuisine here has more of flat breads of Millet. Jolada Rotti, Sajje Rotti, Wheat Chapathis with stuffed vegetables like Stuffed bell peppers, aubergines are devoured by these people. Ranjaka is a extremely hot chutney which is very famous in these states. If you are offered rotti and red colored chutney do take sometime to taste a pinch of this chutney before you plunge and feast :D
Stop by to take a look at thise rustic Jolada Rotti and Tumbida Badanekayi Palya from Taste of Mysore. 
 Dry Chutney powders esp peanut powders are a delicacy here...again concluding the meal with curd rice

Part 2 will be continued after a short break..till then enjoy the ride and come back for a continued Part 2 .....


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