Pizza and Kesar Mango Kulfi

My son is a die hard fan of Pizza. There was a constant request for pizza at home from long time. Whenever there is a request all I do is to buy a PPP for him from a near by fast food center :D ..
but Akash wanted to make pizza at home this time .. so I went on buying pizza base and pizza toping ingredients. He helped me to top the pizza and also ate it with lots of happiness. Priyanka's Pizza making episode on Asan Khana was on my mind took her recipe for making Pizza. Thanks Priyanka for sharing your recipe. Just followed her recipe and deleted chicken from her recipe to have a yummilicious Pineapple vegetable pizza :)


For Pizza Sauce
Oilve Oil
Chopped Onion
Chopped Tomatoes
Italian Mixed Spices (storebought) & salt
(Ingredients: Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary, savory, Sage, Oregano and Basil)
No just sauteed onions in hot olive oil and added tomatoes and when tomatoes were mushy added spice mix, salt and the sauce is ready to go on pizza base

Pizza Topping :
Red Bellpeppers
Yellow Peppers
Mozzarella cheese
red chilli flakes (optional)


Spread pizza sauce, then arrange all vegetables and sprinkle generously mozzarella cheese over the vegetables. I did not bake it in a oven. I have two tawa (girdles) so placed one over the other and heated them on medium flame. Placed Pizza on tava and closed the lid and cooked it till cheese melted and the crust was crisp. By then even vegetables were soft. Remove from girdle and enjoy it hot! This goes to A.W.E.D Italian hosted by DK of Culinary Bazzar.

I made these tanda tanda cool cool Kear Mango Kulfis from Namratha's blog few weeks ago..Thanks Namratha..we all loved it. I am sending them to Color in food event hosted by EC of Easy Crafts blog, Theme of the Week - I-day event and IceCream and Milkshake event hosted by SriLekha.

You can check out Namratha's blog for detailed recipe of making mango kulfi. Here is a summed up recipe...


You need ; agar agar, Mango puree, condensed milk, Saffron strands, chopped nuts (cashews and pistachios)


Soaked saffron strands in 1tbsp of milk. I dissolved agar agar in hot water (about 2-4tbsp of water. You need to chop agar agar strips to fine pieces before you dissolve. Mix a cup of condensed milk, cup full of mango puree, dissolved agar agar, saffron strands along with milk and finally added chopped nuts and poured it into molds. Refrigerated for a day before I served.


notyet100 said...

wow,..lookig good nd yummy i was out in the evenin so couldnt call.u ,..i had dinner at 12 and ya made pizza as told u,.:-),ur pizza lookin too colourful and delicious ,..good to knw akash liked it,..and kesar mango kulfi thanks again for the recipe or i would have never made nice click,...of the kulfis,...ceeya happy weekend,..:-)

notyet100 said...

tava method of makin pizza is new for me thanks for sharing,..,..and cute serving dish of the kulfi,..

sowmya's creative saga said... looks awesome..absolutely delicious..aur kulfi ka to kya kehna...superb..i want to try something with agar agar..will do it now..

EC said...

It looks so tempting...thanks for participating

Pooja said...

that kulfi is really looking damn good.
thank you dear lakshmi for your entry.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow ice creams are looking gr8 so as pizza.

Priti said...

Wow, Pizza...I too love pizza LG ;) thda hume bi milega kya ;)..but ya all kids love pizza I looking wonderful and yummy...andn kulfi..Slurp..kya baat hai..I'm sure you guys enjoyed a lot.

D said...

Ahhh! The pizza looks delish ( and so does the kulfi and thats a very intelligent way of expressing the flag color theme ) Thanks for sending them my way :) for AWED


Sukanya said...

The Kulfis looks lipsmackingly yummy. Its nice to know that Pizza can be made on a tava. You have an award waiting for you in my craft blog